Sexual addiction is marked by a feeling of powerlessness. You are compelled to act out despite the consequences. If your life is ruled by sexual thoughts and behaviors and your relationships are suffering, you may be in crisis and in need of therapy.

Or perhaps you are wondering if you even have a problem. Together we can assess whether you suffer from sexual addiction or something else that is threatening your success in life.

Regardless, the best way to begin solving a problem is to begin the work. We are here for you, offering support without judgment. It is our job is to listen and help you develop skills to cope with feelings and symptoms and address behaviors that may contribute to your sexually acting out.

Your treatment plan will be tailored specifically to address your needs. Just as no two people are the same, neither is their healing. Every client works with their primary therapist to determine what they need to achieve sexual wellness and succeed in recovery.

If you are in crisis and seeking answers or support, don’t hesitate to contact CCSW to schedule an intake appointment. 


Chicago Center for Sexual Wellbeing